Make Videos Like shfa2 - شفا

How to Make Videos Like shfa2 - شفا

  • Subscribers: 29,300,000 | Views: 16,630,539,511 | Videos: 895

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to shfa2 - شفا
  2. Start with a Hook
  3. Use Vertical or Square Format
  4. Add a Great Headline
  5. Add Subtitles or Captions
  6. Projected Subscribers Growth
  7. Conclusion

Introduction to shfa2 - شفا:

  • Channel Subscribers: 29,300,000
  • Video Views: 16,630,539,511
  • Videos Uploaded: 895
  • Last posted on: 21-Sep-2022

shfa2 - شفا joined youtube in 2017. With over 16,630,539,511 views, across 895 videos, including a total subscriber count of 29,300,000, shfa2 - شفا is a very successful Youtuber.

You too can make catchy and engaging videos like shfa2 - شفا. The best part is that you don't have to break the bank, any device will work! So, if you're interested, stay with us and we'll show you how to make videos like shfa2 - شفا.

Creating Videos shfa2 - شفا Style:

You don't need to be a genius to create amazing videos. Creating videos like shfa2 - شفا is a formula that works. Let us look at the basic components of their videos and how you can make them yours.

shfa2 - شفا youtuber

#1. Start Your Video With A Hook

Statistics have shown that the average human attention span is eight seconds. So, as a video creator, make your first eight seconds count!

shfa2 - شفا usually starts videos with a hook! What a hook does for your videos is to grab the attention of your viewers. So, you do need to spend all your time creating a flashy video. A hook will do the work for you. It will help you to get an emotional reaction from your audience.

You can use a cliffhanger, which is an incomplete question. This will make them search for answers in the full video. In all, this will boost your engagements and help you make better videos.

#2. Use A Vertical or Square Format

People prefer to watch videos than reading web pages. In fact, social media platforms are upgrading their sites to fit vertical videos.

This is because videos in vertical or square formats are easier to watch from a mobile device. For instance, 98% of Facebook users use their mobile phones to access the social media network. So, if you want your videos to be easier for people to watch, make sure it's in a vertical or square format. This is because most people do not turn their phones to watch videos.

Another good thing about this format is that it creates space for top and bottom borders. This will enable you to add subtitles that will make your videos easy to understand. Most editing platforms have options to resize videos. So if you have already made your videos, you can edit them to fit this format.

#3. Add A Catchy Headline or Title To Your Video

The secret is simple!

A short and catchy title will make people click on your video to know more. If you study shfa2 - شفا videos, you'll notice that they usually have headlines. A headline or title will make your content memorable and draw a huge audience to you. You can find a catchy statement from your video and use it as your title. Or, you can make your title a question, to make people curious.

It’s best to keep your title at 70 characters or less. If your title is too long, people will lose interest and you don’t want that. So, in designing your title, you need to emphasize the words that will grab people's attention. For instance, you can italicize those words to make them catch the eye.

shfa2 - شفا youtuber

#4. Add Subtitles or Captions To Your Video

Subtitles or closed captions are proven to boost engagement.

Having your video both in audio and text helps to ensure everyone can hear or read your message. This is helpful for people who find it difficult to watch videos with sound. For instance, those who have hearing impairments or prefer to watch videos on mute. It also helps non-native speakers enjoy your videos. You cannot do without having subtitles or captions in your videos.

Most shfa2 - شفا’s videos have captions for this reason. To add subtitles or captions to your videos, all you need to do is transcribe the audio. There are many apps with sophisticated software to help you do this. Also, make sure your texts are clear enough, so everyone can read them.

#5. Publish Your Video

After doing the above steps, go through the video one more time. In doing this, check for mistakes and editing errors.

This final step is as essential as the video-making process. It will help you upload videos that are well put together. Also, if there's something you want to add as an afterthought, you can do that. Then, save the finished work and publish your video on your social media platforms.

shfa2 - شفا Youtube Account Growth Projections

Time Until Date Subscribers Views Videos
Current stats 23-Sep-2022 36,200,000 21,198,547,861 1,386
3 months 22-Dec-2022 35,600,000 20,374,215,643 -824,330,832
6 months 22-Mar-2023 35,000,000 19,549,883,425 -1,648,663,050
9 months 20-Jun-2023 34,400,000 18,725,551,207 -2,472,995,268
1 year 23-Sep-2023 33,800,000 17,901,218,989 -3,297,327,486
Based on an average of +-6,667 Subscribers/day +-9,159,247 Views/day -9,159,247 Videos/day


You too can make amazing videos like shfa2 - شفا. It only takes dedication and patience to get this done. The process is straightforward if you follow the steps in this article. It will help you churn out unique and quality content without much effort.

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