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Category: Crime

Rated 8/10 from 906 Ratings

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S3 Episode1 - Wartime

Marty is pressured to move money ahead of schedule, Wendy pitches a high-stakes plan, Wyatt lives the good life, and Ruth butts heads in the casino....
Director: Jason Bateman
Writer: Chris Mundy
Rating: 8/10 from 13 votes

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S3 Episode2 - Civil Union

Wendy asks Helen - not Marty - to help close a deal, the Byrdes get a new houseguest, and business goes boom aboard a rival casino....
Director: Jason Bateman
Writer: Martín Zimmerman
Rating: 8/10 from 12 votes

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S3 Episode3 - Kevin Cronin Was Here

The FBI dives into the casino's finances, Wendy's dreams take a dark turn, and Marty worries that the writing may be on the wall....
Director: Vikash Patel
Writer: Cherien Dabis
Rating: 8/10 from 11 votes

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S3 Episode4 - Boss Fight

As Wendy, Helen and Ruth strive to keep the business humming, Navarro plays mind games with Marty, who worries he'll never see his family again....
Director: Vikash Patel
Writer: Cherien Dabis
Rating: 8/10 from 11 votes

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S3 Episode5 - It Came From Michoacán

Maya steps up her bid to turn Marty, whose eerily calm demeanor has Wendy worried. The Byrdes buy a horse farm on behalf of Navarro....
Director: Amanda Marsalis
Writer: Laura Deeley
Rating: 8/10 from 10 votes

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S3 Episode6 - Su Casa Es Mi Casa

Marty and Wendy tell each other how they really feel, Ruth confronts Wyatt, Darlene lets her ambitions be known, and Ben's past comes into focus....
Director: Paul Kolsby
Writer: Benjamin Semanoff
Rating: 8/10 from 10 votes

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S3 Episode7 - In Case of Emergency

The FBI questions Ruth, tensions between Cosgrove and Marty hit a new high, Sue takes on a new patient, and Wendy recruits for her foundation....
Director: Ning Zhou
Writer: Alik Sakharov
Rating: 8/10 from 10 votes

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S3 Episode8 - BFF

Ruth isn't happy about Marty and Wendy's plan to bury the hatchet with Frank Jr. The Byrdes make a difficult decision about Ben. Maya is reprimanded....
Director: Armando Salas
Writer: Alik Sakharov
Rating: 7/10 from 9 votes

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S3 Episode9 - Fire Pink

Ben's confrontation with Helen and Erin sends the Byrdes into crisis mode. Meanwhile, Sam's concerns about the FBI inspire little sympathy....
Director: Vikash Patel
Writer: Armando Salas
Rating: 8/10 from 9 votes

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S3 Episode10 - All In

While Wendy battles personal demons, Marty struggles to keep their lives from falling apart. Darlene does Ruth a favor....
Director: Chris Mundy
Writer: Vikash Patel
Rating: 8/10 from 10 votes

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Storyline of Ozark Season 3

  • Written by:
  • Episode Duration: 80 Minutes
  • Seasons: 3
  • Runtime: 80 minutes

Business as usual? No such thing. As Marty and Wendy clash over whether or not to expand, a surprise visitor turns their personal lives upside down.

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